The Dome Beautification as a Point of Building Glory

19The dome is part of the architectural design is located on top of a building and can serve as a roof. The dome is round, there is a round conical and spherical oblate like a piece of the ball. The use of elements of the dome in the architectural design of the building has always been used, in Indonesia, the dome has been known since the days of empire as seen at Borobudur stupa shaped like a dome. At this time almost all mosque building in Indonesia wearing dome element in the architectural design, as well as mosques in the Arab countries. At the mosque dome placement lies in the middle of the building structure that serves as the main roof. Many also have a small domed mosque on every corner of the building as a counterweight to the main dome. The dome can be described as a symbol of grandeur, and the greater the higher the dome shape, then the direct appearance of the building as a whole will look more stately and handsome.

Many of the materials used to manufacture the dome just as Enamel, Galvalum, steel plate and concrete slab. All of these materials have disadvantages and kelenihan respectively. When these materials are often used in the manufacture of the dome on the mosque is the material of enamel because it is light and fast in the making. But many mosques were used as materials for concrete plate dome. The dome of the plate material has the strength and durability of concrete long, but it takes a big budget to make a dome with concrete plate material. Sometimes the manufacture of concrete slab curved dome made ​​directly from the structure above the main building, but could also on the structure of the main building was given a new structure that is less than the area of the building for the placement and sebgai pedestal dome manufacture. To be more visible proportional to plate making concrete dome adapted to the shape and overall building area.

Many legendary and historic buildings that use a dome in the architectural design elements such as the Houses of Parliament in the United States, the Roman Catholic Church in Italy, Mosque of Taj Mahal in India. Now prevalent residences that use elements of classical architecture dome, dome generally in buildings with classical architecture and use of materials of a concrete slab with a given pedestal. And to reinforce the impression of a classic can be ornate accessories such as a pillar in the foundation of the dome, and the grooves carved ornament attached to the body of the dome. To reinforce the impression of the magnificent and beautiful in the dome, at the very tip top of the dome, can be given a crown which can also function as a lightning rod. Placement of manufacture can be placed in the middle dome of the building structure or it could be a bit forward on the porch or living room. The shape of the dome can also be used for the design of the roof of a gazebo classic style with a smaller form and supported by pillars that classic style.

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