Pillar as The Point of Building Architecture Strenght

In architectural design, also called mast pillar serves as a support or the support strength of the structure of a building. Many of the materials used for the manufacture of the pillars of materials ranging from wood, metal and concrete columns, there is a round shape and also there is a box. The use of elements of the pillars has existed since ancient times, in Indonesia the use of the pillars can be found in traditional house like a Java Joglo houses, houses Tower in Sumatra, Borneo Longhouse house, gate house Bentar temple in Bali and others. Generally, the materials used for the manufacture of the pillars at the custom house is of the highest quality wood which has the strength and durability of the old, wooden pillars material is commonly adorned with carved accents.

In the Dutch colonial era, in Indonesia many historic buildings with colonial architecture also uses elements of the pillars on the architectural design of the Jakarta History Museum, Balai Pemuda Surabaya, Gedung Sate Bandung, Semarang Blenduk Church and many more. Materials used for the manufacture of the pillars in the colonial style buildings there are of wood, iron, but in general more use of materials from concrete columns with a touch benangan are grooved and there head or crown pillar, but the way of making the manual and takes long.

In its development, to facilitate and accelerate the work in the manufacture of the pillars, is now widely used materials for benangan or groove pillars of GRC ( Glassfibre Reinforced Cement ). Benangan pillars or grooves with material such as GRC has some form of a straight round, round conical, and boxes. Technically benangan or groove mounting pillars with GRC material is relatively easy and quick, but it must first be made ​​concrete column has a primary function as a support or the support structure of the building, then a concrete column is wrapped with a groove-based GRC pillar after it’s done casting for uniting concrete columns and pillars groove. Making benangan or groove made ​​pillar supporting GRC also followed ornaments such as mounting pillars, rings on the legs and crown pillars are carved.

Eksterior Pilar gate pillars or poles made ​​from GRC also has a function as accessories to beautify the look of the building decoration both exterior and interior, especially in buildings with classic architectural design. Function as a pillar of accessories can be used in constructing a gate and fence design with given several other supporting accessories like listplang, ornaments or architrave are also made ​​from GRC. For the design of the gate, to be more proportional to the size of the pillars can adjust the width and height of the gate, usually of medium size with a diameter of 30-50 cm. Archway with pillars accessories can also be used for the interior of the building as a barrier or insulation between spaces. In the room, the placement of the gate pillars as accessories can be customized with a sketch, as in residences classic style, the gate can be placed between the living room and family room, or it could be between the family room and dining room. As accessories, pillar with GRC material can also function as an architrave on making the design of the fence with a smaller size diameter between 15-25 cm. Pillars can also be used as accessories to garden walls, both exterior and interior garden by combining some other accessories like listplang, ornaments and architrave in the classical style building decoration design.

Pillar described as a symbol of strength in architectural design classic. The use of elements of the pillars in the building design will give the impression that manly, sturdy and stately on the overall appearance of the building both exterior and interior.

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