How to Make a Gypsum Mold With Silicone Rubber ( Video )

Talking about gypsum materials, a lot of products that can be produced from gypsum materials and the most commonly found in the market is the procurement of gypsum for home or building decoration, in this case related to interior decoration such as ceiling of the house. And not a few gypsum materials are in production for handicrafts or artwork. Why gypsum? because the gypsum material is easily shaped as needed and the price is affordable for the middle class down. For gypsum used for home decor, many types and shapes of profiles can be made by gypsum materials, such as plain profile, flower or carving, korbel, crown pillar, and ornament profile.

To create or reproduce various forms of profiles of the gypsum material, must be made first print. And to make a gypsum mold, there must be a profile to be made into a mold. Profiles to be made prints can be made from gypsum materials or other materials, such as wood and iron materials. In the market and the most widely circulated, there are 2 types of materials used to make gypsum molds are materials from a chemical liquid called Resin and from a more popular rubber material called Silicone Rubber. Of the two materials, of course there are shortcomings and advantages.

In this article we will discuss how to make gypsum mold from Silicone Rubber material. But before we start, we should have to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Silicone Rubber.

Excess mold gypsum material Silicone Rubber :

  1. Easily formed following the motif profile to be made prints
  2. Releasing prints for complicated motives is easier
  3. Not harmful to the skin

Weakness of gypsum mold Silicone Rubber material :

  1. The price of one package Silicone Rubber plus Catalyst best quality is very expensive
  2. Not durable
  3. If worn continuously easily damaged
  4. If stored for long periods is also easily damaged


How to make gypsum profile prints from Silicone Rubber material is also very easy and can be done by anyone. Because the mold of the material is more flexible Silicobe Rubber, it must be made base that fit the shape of the mold for easier printing in the gypsum profile.

Materials needed to make gypsum mold from Silicone Rubber :

  1. Profile gypsum to be made prints
  2. Silicone Rubber
  3. Catalyst, serves to accelerate drying Silicone Rubber is usually sold one package
  4. Gauze fabric, serves as a reinforcement to make the mold more durable and stronger
  5. Spray paint clear, serves as a sticky anti-mold and profile
  6. Gypsum flour, serves to make Silicone Rubber mold mats
  7. Fiber (roffing), serves as a reinforcement to make the mold mat of gypsum stronger
  8. Plastic sheets, serves as a divider cover between Silicone Rubber molds and mold pads to avoid stickiness

For more details about how to make gypsum mold using Silicone Rubber material can directly check on video on Youtube channel Setia Clasic Decoration :

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